Winter Storm

After mild temperatures settled in over the past week, the Northeast is now bracing for Winter Storm Stella, which is forecast to hammer the region with blizzard conditions and travel problems.

Stella brought snow to the South this weekend but packed a bigger punch in parts of the Midwest Monday. In the morning hours, hundreds of flights were canceled at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and plows worked furiously to keep roads in decent shape.

Authorities responded to hundreds of accidents Sunday on snow-covered roads in Iowa and Minnesota, but no deaths were reported.

Sunday morning, parts of north Georgia, North Carolina and northern South Carolina saw snow from Stella, with most of the accumulations on grassy and elevated surfaces.

Snow was seen as far south as Columbia, South Carolina, Sunday morning. The National Weather Service said this was just the 17th March snow event dating to 1888.

Throughout the storm, the gallery at the top of this page will continue to be updated with the latest images, so check back frequently.

Winter’s grip is just not letting go. Come Wednesday much of Southern Ontario and the United States will have possibly experienced the strongest snowstorm in decades.

As of Monday afternoon, forecast models show the storm intensifying as it moves into the Windsor area. By Monday evening, the impacts of the storm should be felt in the City of Toronto and much of Southern Ontario. However, by Wednesday morning, the city should feel only the remnants of the storm as light snow will continue to fall into the early afternoon.

As we continue to track the storm, interesting pictures often show up. Take a look at this one from Chicago, Illinois. It was taken this morning as the not-so-yet powerful Winter Storm Stella passed through Chicago, bringing with it 2 inches of snow.

Snowfall observed in Chicago on March. 13, 2017 (Filming in Chicago, Twitter).

How Much Snow Will Your Area Receive

As with most storms, snowfall totals tend to fluctuate even on the day of the event. However, with this storm forecast models have consistently shown heavy snow for much of the Golden Horseshoe. Our forecasters at Storm Watchers (Ontario) expect the storm to pick up steam as snow squalls intensify in areas closest to the United States-Canada border. Areas such as Niagara region are where the heaviest of snow will fall.

In Hamilton and Oakville, snowfall totals could approach the 30 centimetre mark before factoring snow squalls. For regions such as St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, snowfall totals could approach 35 centimetres.

Snow Squalls to Affect Much of the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area

Whenever bodies of water, such as Lake Ontario warm up and then cool down quickly, there is the possibility for snow squalls. This winter season has favoured areas such as Barrie for squalls but with this storm, areas such as the City of Toronto and Hamilton could be receiving another 15-25 centimetres atop of their already abnormally large snowfall totals.

But the real story is the affect on the drive home tonight as it will be treacherous. A large but intense line of snow has continued to slam the City of Mississauga this morning into late afternoon. However, this will continue to be the case until at least 6:00 p.m., when the winds change direction. However, they will favour the GTA.

However, after the storm, it is expected that snow squalls will continue to be a problem for areas already reeling from the heavy snow that accompanied Winter Storm Stella.

In Mississauga, these lines of heavy squalls were already dropping upwards of 3-4 centimetres per hour earlier this afternoon. But, factor in that this has been playing out since late Monday morning, we could be looking at a much larger total for the region as a whole.

Snowfall observed from an intense snow squall line on March. 13, 2017 (David W. Cooper, Twitter‏).

For Toronto, the problem with the squalls is the issue of reduced visibility that will slam the city during rush hour tonight. With visibilities likely dropping to below 200 metres in some cases, there will likely be negative affect on the City of Toronto’s snow plow services.

Impacts on Tomorrow Morning’s Commute

If you still have to drive tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, I would highly suggest you take the TTC or GO as there will likely be short delays.

As with all storms, we will continue to update this report with up-to-date information on TTC and GO delays as well as LIVE pictures from New York City and much of the eastern portion of the U.S. on our LIVE blog below.

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